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What We Believe

The Churches of God, 7th Day cherish liberty of thought as an essential condition for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we have no biding creed to which members must subscribe. However, there are certain fundamental truths which have been binding upon Christians through all ages. Therefore, these are the historic doctrines taught by the Chruch of God, which we reaffirm as the fundamental principles of the faith.

These statements of faith approved by the General Council are passed on to the chruches of God for such action as the Spirit of God may direct. It is believed that they will be helpful in giving Christian training to our children, in establishing our people in the faith, and making known our essential doctrines to others.

The Church of God, 7th Day is, historically, congregational in polity. We desire that our chruches and their members continue to enjoy this blessed freedom of local autonomy. Therefore, the statements set forth here are simply an exhibition of the things most commonly believed among us and is not adopted as having binding force in itself, nor is the inspiration of the phraseology contended for.

What We Believe on...

  • The Bible
  • The Godhead
  • Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ
  • Man's Condition
  • State of the Dead
  • Man's Salvation
  • A Holy Life and Sanctification
  • The Church
  • The Ordinaces of the Church
  • The Ten Commandments and Sabbath
  • Prayer and Divine Healing
  • The Second Coming and The Kingdom
  • Signs of the Times