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Vision Statement

We the members of the General Council Church of God 7th Day Board of Directors have the following vision for the organization, and it's members, by the leading of the Lord.

We feel that our goal and purpose is to support and promote the teaching and instruction of the biblical word. We believe that through this, we follow the directioon set by our forefathers and early leaders of the Curch of God, and the Holy Spirit. We also believe that the primary tool set forth by God is the Ministerial body. We place our support and backing to the ministers, through the visitations, travel, and training of current and future ministers. The spreading of the gospel to all people, through evangelistic trips and contacts, will be supported financially each year. To further this we support the establishment and operation of the Maranatha college for the development of future ministers and leaders of the churches. We beleve that through this, support and working with our ministers, the publishing work, the Christian Youth organization, Daughters of the King, and the campmeeting, we meet the direction and leading of God.

We pray that the General Council membership as a whole join us in support of the vision, as we look to God and pray that He continues to lead us in the direction of His sovereign will.

Upcoming Events
July - Fairhaven - Blah Blah Blah
June 17-22 - Youth Camp - Yay
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